Nipple washers

Nipple washers


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Sapim nipple washers for every wheelbuilding need. Round washers reinforce rims (9.0mm diameter, 0.5mm thick). Oval washers do the same (9.0×13.0mm oval, 0.5mm thick). Polyax washers (7.5mm diameter, 0.7mm thick) offer less reinforcement but feature a machined cup profile that matches Sapim nipples for low friction and improved nipple angle. MS washers (7.7mm diameter, 1.0mm thick) have a generic V-shape cup on top and a stiff, flat base only suitable for rims with flat spoke beds.

Note: many rims have 8.0mm spoke holes, which rules out several models of nipple washer — check yours. If using Sapim Polyax nipples, Polyax washers are always a safe choice.

Note: spoke length must be increased by adding washer thickness. You may also build washers into spoke length calculations by adding the thickness of two washers to ERD. (Similarly if you find yourself with spokes longer than you’d like, add washers for some adjustment.)

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