Sapim CX-Ray

Sapim CX-Ray


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Bladed spokes with a 2.0/2.2×0.9/2.0mm profile. These are lightweight spokes that can be used with normal hubs (no oversized drilling required), offering aerodynamic benefits and fashion credibility. Holding the bladed section with a special tool makes CX-Ray spokes trivial to use.

Normally ships in ten days. Unlike round spokes, Sapim CX-Rays are not well stocked so a special order is normally required. For this reason a minimum order of 50 pieces in any mix of lengths is required by the system (which automatically qualifies for free shipping).

Orders here are billed in Canadian dollars. When evaluating my foreign competition, consider credit card conversion from US dollars adds 36.3% and importing means fees on delivery. As of 2018 customs-related delays are increasingly common.