Pandemic status

August 26: The shop will re-open with new stock in the September 1-4 timeframe (when the shipment currently in transit arrives).

Past updates

August 1: Without spokes there’s no SpokeService. I’m shutting the business to conserve funds in order to reboot when more product is available. Since production isn’t under my control I can’t be certain when this will happen but watch this space for updates. Stay healthy!

July 1: No new stock has arrived so the inventory situation is grim. Limited silver spokes are available but almost nothing in black is left (nipples are well-stocked in all varieties). In spite of parts availability the online shop is open. There are now shortages across the industry and it might take multiple orders to put together a wheel in these times. If I can help, the listed items are in stock and shipped daily.

May 15: COVID-19 has stoked demand for bicycle parts and, at the same time, disrupted upstream supply and international logistics. With such limited inventories available, it’s hard to keep working. SpokeService will close for the month of June, 2020. The last shipment from the online shop will be dispatched June 1 and then the site will cease accepting orders for the rest of the month.

March 15: SpokeService operations will continue during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. So far inbound and outbound shipping has been smooth but it’s reasonable to assume there will be hiccups — I’m monitoring the situation and asking for your patience. At the moment stock counts in the shop are good however some items are getting low. I’m not sure how the situation will unfold but re-stocking lead times are expected to worsen as fallout hits the supply chain.