I’m humbled by the trust of Canadian cyclists and gratified my wheels have passed tough tests — coast to coast, off the grid, in the pack and everywhere else. For those who get the value of specialist wheelbuilding, I’m happy to serve all locations in Canada. Choose SpokeService if you value precision outcomes and direct communication between builder and rider.

My rate for wheelbuilding is $100 per wheel. Shipping is $50 for up to three wheels. I build with your components including those you find online and ship direct. This gives you maximum selection and access to global pricing without the awkwardness of bringing such parts to a dealer (not unlike bringing food to a restaurant). To commission a wheel please email me about your project.


  1. Will you build with used rims?
    Rims are a consumable item and should not be rebuilt in general. Such wheels are less precise and less durable. More economical wheelbuilding services are appropriate for rim rebuild projects.
  2. Will you build with used hubs?
    A key benefit of quality hubs is they can be rebuilt into multiple wheelsets. I accept used J-bend hubs in good condition. Bearing service is available at the same time for many hubs.
  3. Can you help me shop for parts?
    Please email for help sourcing boutique hubs from White Industries, Paul, Phil Wood or SON. Otherwise limited advice is available in terms of suitability for purpose, spoke count, etc. If you prefer more shopping assistance, a generalist shop that builds wheels is recommended.
  4. Will you build with my spokes?
    No — I supply spokes, nipples and washers for all wheelbuilding commissions. I measure your components and compute spoke lengths as part of the process. Prices vary by model.
  5. What spokes/nipples should we use?
    I’ll use whichever you prefer or whichever make the most sense to me. Factors I consider include your history with wheels, expected terrain, rim stiffness, spoke count, wheel weight preferences, rider/cargo weight, etc. I regularly mix spoke models in a single wheelset for tuning purposes. Spoke choice is often one of the last variables nailed down. Most options are in stock most of the time.
  6. What lacing pattern will we use?
    I’m a conventionalist when it comes to lacing, which means standard radial and 2x/3x/4x patterns as appropriate. I shy away from exotic creations (e.g. half radial wheels). The final call depends on the rider and her chosen components so the decision is one of the last taken.
  7. Why is your rate higher?
    Pricing is based on a service-centric model without relying on subsidies from sales of hubs and rims. SpokeService wheels are a specialist offering with more hours invested compared to generalists. This leads to tighter tolerances, no break-in period, no need for periodic tuning, and longer life.
  8. What accuracy can I expect?
    Target accuracy is deviation by no more than 0.25mm in any dimension with ±10% tension balance. Actual results are dependent on rim quality, especially distortion from the joint.
  9. Will I receive tension graphs?
    It’s not a quality wheel if it’s not checked with a tensiometer during the build and at completion. I capture a direct data download from my tensiometer, which is visualized and shared with you.