Happy customers make a happy shop but feedback of all types is appreciated — help me know what I’m doing right and what can be done better. Some honest-to-goodness customers are saying:

I’m stoked you did a great job… thanks for the great service.

I LOVE the two sets of wheels you built for me. I’ve abused the cross bike with these wheels and they have remained true, and the road bike is a dream to ride.

Had the first race under the Pacenti/Hope combo today — loved ’em. Exceptional build.

It is so nice to not worry about breaking spokes and just focus on the ride. Thanks again for an awesome product!

A BIG thanks again for all your suggestions, hard work and patience.

The new wheels are fantastic, thank you so much for everything!

They are also beyond beautiful! Thanks so much for the hub overhaul and build.

Wheels arrived safe and sound and they look spectacular.

Wow… I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to be as detailed as you were.

I look forward to sending more business your way.

My first set has proven bulletproof over the last two years and served me well at Alberta Cups, Provincials and Nationals.

Can’t say enough good stuff about this wheelset.

It’s not too often you see a wheelbuilder publicly provide that many resources and that much transparency.

I just put in an order for some spokes, thank you for offering such a great service!

Been out for some 4+ hour rides and some fast descents (over 70 km/h) and the wheels have been comfy, stable, smooth — you name it.

Thanks for the rad wheel build. Feels great.

I really appreciate your help, it is by far the best customer service experience I have had online.

Wheels are beautiful. Light, and the engagement of that hub is like nothing I’ve ever ridden.

You built me XXX a few years ago and I was thrilled with the build, they are still spinning true to this day.