Blog: Videos

02 Jun 2018

Truing teaser


Here’s a teaser of the science fiction truing stand I built recently. In January I broke my leg resulting in unplanned downtime. I came up with this. The video is just a teaser — I plan to make longer one that demonstrates all the features and shows how it updates the wheelbuilding process.

Stay tuned to this space.

15 Mar 2018

Tutorial video


Check out this Gerd Schraner wheelbuilding tutorial I found on YouTube:

07 Jun 2016

Autograph tension


This is a video of the new Wheel Fanatyk tensiometer, equipped with a deluxe Mitutoyo gauge. The terrific thing about a top end digital gauge is the ability to connect to a computer (an optional connection kit is available from Wheel Fanatyk). So what do you do on the computer side? I improved my spoke tension utility to accept input directly from the tool without keyboard interaction. After each reading the software advances to the next cell automatically.

I also added a new software feature to eliminate the need for zeroing the tensiometer but it’s not shown in this video. Stay tuned for a future blog post explaining how it works.