29 Mar 2020

SpokeService on COVID-19


Watch this space for future developments. Good luck to us all!

No major changes to report in this update. Some out of stock products are now in transit to the shop however they’re not expected to arrive this week. Business is very slow but I’ll remain open so people can use this time of social distancing to complete their wheelbuilding and repair projects (without venturing outside!). Shop hours will vary as needed so it’s less likely telephone calls will be answered — please email for the fastest response.

Past updates

March 15: SpokeService operations will continue during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. So far inbound and outbound shipping has been smooth but it’s reasonable to assume there will be hiccups — I’m monitoring the situation and asking for your patience. At the moment stock counts in the shop are correct however some items are getting low in stock. A few products are out of stock altogether and re-stocking lead times are expected to worsen as fallout hits the supply chain.