21 Mar 2014

Pads with your wheels


I recently became a SwissStop dealer and just listed brake pads for sale. Often overlooked, good pads make a material difference to stopping power, wet weather performance and feel at the lever. Add SwissStop pads to your wheel order and pay no extra shipping.

The driver behind this decision is upcoming carbon projects (stay tuned). If pads matter in general, that goes double for carbon rims. Braking generates heat — too much heat can melt carbon. SwissStop put a lot of work into their Black Prince compound, which, in tests, produced significantly lower temperatures. Dry braking power isn’t compromised and stopping distance in wet conditions is getting better. No matter which pad you prefer, reserve a set for use on carbon alone; alloy rims contaminate pads with abrasives that will damage carbon. I say don’t pinch pennies on pads.

Let me know if these or any other SwissStop pad interests you.