Blog: July, 2022

19 Jul 2022

For Islandix users


I know some Islandix users also use the Spoke Tension Utility hosted here because it suits their older Wheel Fanatyk tensiometers. In release 1.2.0 of Islandix Wheel Analytics, it’s bundled onboard. This means you can make tension graphs even if your internet is down or if the SpokeService site is undergoing maintenance. Beta test by adding /spokeservice to your WA tool address, for example http://truingstand.local/spokeservice (make a bookmark for now).

The onboard edition fixes a couple bugs relative to the version offered here. It strips out many aspects of the SpokeService web site and strips the banner advertising on PDF artefacts. Overall a slightly sleeker, more business-oriented tool. Give it a try and share your feedback.