Blog: 2021

20 Feb 2021

Pandemic operations


COVID-19 has hurt supply chains and the bike industry is no exception. It’s not possible to say when any given item will become available because upstream information is a moving target.

With most products out of stock and backordered, SpokeService is no longer booking wheel commissions. Note: all wheelbuilds currently booked have stock set aside and will proceed as planned.

The online shop remains open but orders are now shipped Tuesday and Friday only. Nipples and washers are well-stocked but spokes are limited to those below. The online store will remain open for the rest of February but, under the circumstances, will close for the month of April.


Sapim Leader available in all lengths, silver only.


Sapim Strong available in all lengths, black only.


Sapim Laser available in lengths 268mm and longer, black and silver.


Sapim Force available in lengths 268mm and longer, silver only.