Blog: August, 2018

20 Aug 2018

Tensio support policy


Did you ask about tensiometer support in the spoke tension utility? This post is for you.

For background it helps to understand there are little adaptations in the software specific to each tensiometer. For example you can enter 25 and it autocorrects to 0.25 if you’re using the Wheel Fanatyk but it doesn’t with the Park Tool. If a tensio includes a USB cable for direct digital input, little tricks may be needed to interpret the data correctly/consistently. And so on.

I purchased the Park Tool and Wheel Fanatyk tools myself, the former to build my own wheels and the latter when I wanted to up my professionalism. But with the workshop fully equipped, I’m unlikely to purchase others. (Disclosure: Wheel Fanatyk subsequently donated multiple tools when they found the software popular with their customers.)

So if you’d like to see another tensiometer supported in the software, it’s easy and not easy: ask your manufacturer to send one here. They pay no fees, neither for initial support nor for ongoing maintenance. That said users have reached out to DT Swiss, Sapim and Unior but none of these companies could muster any interest. If you plan to engage one of them, you may have better luck asking the rep for your geographical area or a friend on the inside.

If you’re in the market for a new tensiometer — whether a basic tool or a premium one — this information may help you choose. Park Tool and Wheel Fanatyk are recommended.