Blog: April, 2016

20 Apr 2016

Two Wheel Fanatyks


I’ve gotten a handful of reports that my spoke tension visualizer isn’t working with Wheel Fanatyk tensiometers. In all cases the problem has been incorrect tool selection on the setup page. Take note there are two choices for Wheel Fanatyk users: original and 2015+ models. These tools have different tension conversion charts so it’s important to pick the right one.

14 Apr 2016

Straight pull spokes


About once a month I get a call asking for straight pull spokes. Sapim CX-Ray straight pulls are available for special order but otherwise I don’t offer them. Demand is low so I prefer to use available space and money for more popular selections.

You may be tempted by great deals on straight pull hubs but I recommend against them. Straight pull spokes make wheelbuilding more difficult because they lack elbows, which resist twist. And if you need a replacement spoke in a pinch, straight pull can make the search frustrating. Choose J-bend.