Blog: February, 2016

01 Feb 2016

Easier, better wheels


I have over 15,000 spokes and nipples in the shop — that’s actual parts on hand. In addition I’m able to fabricate unlimited spoke lengths in house so it’s likely I can deliver what you need. Choosing spokes in 1 millimetre increments let’s you get closer to the ideal. Why accept less?

As a spoke customer there are good reasons to prefer my spokes compared to those from other dealers. You want your wheelbuild to sing? Start on the right foot by having all your spokes be exactly the same length. If all your spokes are the same length, they get identical treatment from your nipple driver. This gets you closer to even tension from the very beginning.

How do I do it? First I sell a brand of spokes that has good quality control. Industry standard, unfortunately, tolerates variation in spoke length. Second I check spokes as they’re entered into inventory. Third I fabricate a lot of spokes in house, which means recalibration for every order. Variation happens when batches are mixed so get a batch to yourself!