Blog: 2014

22 Aug 2014

Archetype road disc


Similar to a previous set but with Shimano XT hubs. I recommended Center Lock rotor attachment, which I like for its relative ease of installation and removal. Typically CL hubs are a little lighter too. The rims are H Plus Son Archetypes in the premium grey finish. I’m not a fan of conspicuous branding — these rims may have the cleanest branding of any bicycle component.

16 Aug 2014

Compass tires


I’ve been testing the new lightweight, supple tires from Compass Bicycle. The quick summary is I’m enjoying them. They come in a good variety of sizes and I’m pleased they measure true-to-size, which is common problem with some manufacturers.

08 Aug 2014

For the long haul


I’ve become a big fan of dynamo hubs. For commuting it’s great to have bright lights without charging batteries. For touring I feel the same and rely on dynamo power to charge the gizmos I can’t live without. Apart from the weight penalty, hub dynamos are pretty terrific.

Check out this upgrade for a customer’s Surly Long Haul Trucker. This wheelset re-uses the stock Shimano XT rear hub and adds a new XT dynamo front. Since this LHT is ridden unloaded too, I’m mindful of weight and mitigated the dynamo’s added mass with lighter Mavic rims and butted spokes. Surly uses straight gauge spokes on their stock wheels, which targets price rather than function — butted spokes are a must for touring in my book. Spare spokes included!

25 Jul 2014

Order book closing


We’ve sold our house and are moving to the west coast! It’s a big change but we’re excited. Think of the longer cycling season! Note I’ll be closed for relocation/vacation during the month of September. I’m closing my order book on August 1 for new wheels, which will ship by the end of August (cyclocross anyone?). Starting August 1, repair services will be open to past/existing customers only. Spoke sales to shops and home mechanics will continue as usual until the September closure.


In order to draw down inventory, I’m having a bit of a sale. In stock spokes and accessories are 10% off. I have a few rims to clear out too, namely Stan’s Alpha 400 (24h/28h/32h), Stan’s Crest 29er (32h), Stan’s Iron Cross (32h), and H Plus Son Archetype rims in black (24h/28h/32h).Supplies of sale rims are limited but other models/drillings are still available. Contact me for a quote.

Tnanks for your continuing support and patience during this move!

25 Jul 2014

Vintage but awesome


Vintage styling is pretty hot but I’m more attracted to things that work well. These ideals don’t always go together but this wheelset says you can have both.

The polished TB14 rims from H Plus Son are very shiny and look great without stickers. Unlike traditional box section rims the TB14 has a modern 23mm width, which is a better fit for wider tires. The quality is really high, which you see in the weld area. Or rather you can’t see any trace of the weld, neither on the face of the rim nor inside the rim channel. Thanks to these rims I have no problem exceeding industry standards for tension balance by a factor of three.