Blog: 2014

24 Dec 2014

Holiday closure


Another great year in the bag! SpokeService will be on vacation for the rest of the year. Thanks to the miracle of technology this site is still accepting orders for spokes and accessories but note shipments won’t go out until until January 2. Wishing you tailwinds and true wheels in 2015!

23 Nov 2014

Versatile road wheels


The lighting in my new shop is terrible for photography so I haven’t been blogging wheels lately. Follow me on Instagram for quick snapshots. Here’s a recent built in the meantime:

The requirement for this build was a set of do-it-all road wheels for a very fit rider. That means training, some racing, gravel and whatever the day calls for. That means a preference for lightness without entering fragile territory. I put together this package of White Industries T11 hubs, H Plus Son Archetype rims and Sapim Laser spokes. The spoke count, 24 front and 28 rear, combined with a light butted spoke help keep weight down. It’s still enough spokes and uses a stiff enough rim that they’ll be plenty resilient. For style points, check out the blue hub and matching alloy nipples.

01 Oct 2014

Spokes for sale


My relocation is progressing very well, faster than expected. At the moment I’m re-opening the shop for spoke sales. Now you’ll find a shopping cart interface that allows you to select spokes and checkout online.

01 Sep 2014

Closed for relocation


As promised on this blog, Instagram and Twitter, SpokeService is now closed for relocation. Business will be suspended during the month of September for packing, moving, unpacking, etc. Apologies in advance to customers who do not receive timely replies during this period.

31 Aug 2014

Dura-Ace training wheels


These wheels are built for stiffness and strength thanks to DT Swiss Competition spokes and a deep rim profile. They’re not light wheels but weight is often misunderstood. More weight means more energy is required to propel the bike forward, most noticeable when accelerating. But when cruising at high speed, heavier wheels have a flywheel character that makes the bike feel like it wants to keep going. Light wheels may climb best but heavier aerodynamic wheels improve descending.