Blog: 2013

08 Nov 2013

White Industries finishes


White Industries finishes are terrific. I had a batch of T11 hubs arrive in the shop today so snapped a few photos that show the polished and black finishes side-by-side. The word is White Industries hubs are soon to be available in technicolor: pink, green, purple, gold, red and blue!

The T11 hubs are well priced, easily adjusted, come in a good range of drillings and have a geometry that strengthens rear wheels. The titanium freehub body will never go out of style.

Image of new hub colors courtesy White Industries.

28 Oct 2013

Shiny rims for vintage rides


People get stuck choosing between the H Plus Son TB14 and the Pacenti PL23. Both look great on vintage-inspired bikes. The PL23 has a tubeless profile, which is the deciding factor for some riders. If you need tubeless, go PL23. Otherwise, and this is most people, go TB14.

Here are some photos so you can compare side-by-side. The PL23 polish is a little rougher but looks good. The TB14 is very bright when new but develops a terrific patina through use and cleaning.

Voilà DT Swiss 350 disc hubs with a Campagnolo freehub body. Running Campy doesn’t mean you can’t use disc brakes. These are HED Belgium black rims, which look really nice without the silver sidewall. I’ve fitted them with Veloplugs — use the yellow version with HED Belgiums.

22 Sep 2013

Tubeless CX racing wheels


These wheels were built with a rider’s Hope hubs, which are a good value. I can build with your hubs too. Here I supplied Pacenti SL23 rims, which I’ve fitted with Stan’s tape. DT Revolution spokes are used on the front and rear non-drive side to keep weight race-friendly. For strength DT Competition spokes are used on the rear drive side. 1600 grams of affordable awesomeness.