Blog: 2013

08 Nov 2013

White Industries finishes


White Industries finishes are terrific. I had a batch of T11 hubs arrive in the shop today so snapped a few photos that show the polished and black finishes side-by-side. The word is White Industries hubs are soon to be available in technicolor: pink, green, purple, gold, red and blue!

The T11 hubs are well priced, easily adjusted, come in a good range of drillings and have a geometry that strengthens rear wheels. The titanium freehub body will never go out of style.

Image of new hub colors courtesy White Industries.

01 Nov 2013

Announcing spokes for retail


Since launch I’ve focused on being a service provider. I’ve been supplying really nice products but only for sale in conjunction with services. The odd exception has been spokes. Folks from across Canada and even out of province shops have contacted me to source a spoke or two. It’s hard to say no to small requests when people have tried several avenues before reaching out to you.

Lately I’ve been chatting up shops to understand modern spoke availability. I got the message high volume shops aren’t building wheels as often and spoke supply is collateral damage (which, in turn, makes me worry about the state of wheelbuilding skills). Compared to other shop services, wheelbuilding is low margin so none of this is surprising.

Therefore I’m announcing spokes for retail sale in any quantity because it’s important for the community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a home mechanic or a bike shop. At the moment I have straight gauge, butted and light butted spokes in stock in all lengths, silver and black. Aero spokes require extra lead time. See my spokes page for pricing. Shipping on spokes is a flat rate of $5 for any quantity of spokes shipped anywhere in Canada. Add GST but not PST/HST.

28 Oct 2013

Shiny rims for vintage rides


People get stuck choosing between the H Plus Son TB14 and the Pacenti PL23. Both look great on vintage-inspired bikes. The PL23 has a tubeless profile, which is the deciding factor for some customers. If you need tubeless, go PL23. Otherwise, and this is most people, go TB14.

Here are some photos so you can compare side-by-side. The PL23 polish is a little rougher but looks good. The TB14 is very bright when new but develops a terrific patina through use and cleaning.

14 Oct 2013

Power meter on the way


These are 24h HED Belgium rims laced to DT Swiss 240S front and PowerTap G3 rear hubs. With a 24h PowerTap you would be correct if you guessed the rider is a superlightweight.

As usual the rider supplied the power meter. For the record I have explored offering PowerTap products but access is locked up in a fearful distribution model. The result is people acquire their PowerTaps from online discounters and that works fine too. Inquire for advice.