My name is Ryan Kereliuk and I’m the wheelbuilder behind this keyboard.  I build wheels because it’s a meditative way to spend time and results in a fun product.  As it goes with my interests, I’m all in.  I have every book on the bicycle wheel and they’re well worn.  I attended the United Bicycle Institute Professional Mechanics program and later upgraded my skills with their Advanced Wheelbuilding class.  I’m a DT Swiss certified wheelbuilder. I’m a Shimano certified wheel and hub technician. I aim for continuous improvement, willing to invent new tools and software if necessary.

But what about the bikes? These days I have two custom handbuilt road frames, one built for sunny days and another for wet weather. I ride a singlespeed cyclocross bike when I want to take selfies and have a basket-equipped rando bike for touring in BC. Handbuilt wheels on every one.