My name is Ryan and I’m the wheelbuilder behind this keyboard.  I build wheels because it’s a meditative way to spend time and something I enjoy.  As with anything that interests me, I’m a little obsessive.  I have every book on the bicycle wheel and they are well worn.  I attended the United Bicycle Institute Professional Mechanics program and later upgraded my skills with their Advanced Wheelbuilding class.  I’m a DT Swiss certified wheelbuilder. I’m Shimano certified too — wheels are my thing but the wheel is not the bike.

I ride bikes all year. I ride a tubeless-equipped road bike in friendly weather and a singlespeed cyclocross bike with fenders in the wet. I love cross country mountain trails and am constantly planning a self-supported bikepacking trip. My other interests include world travel — to 44 countries by my reckoning — vegan curries, ham radio, pickup trucks and dogs.