I’ve had the fortune to build wheels for countless cyclists and I’m gratified my wheels have seen monumental rides — coast to coast, off the grid, in the pack, and everywhere else. For those who get the value of specialist wheelbuilding, I’m happy to serve all locations in Canada. Choose SpokeService if you value precision outcomes and direct communication between builder and rider.

My wheels are built to tight tolerances — at least twice as precise as industry benchmarks for quality. I use a digital dishing tool to ensure dish error is no more than 0.25mm off center. I use dual digital gauges to see lateral/radial runout does not exceed ±0.15mm. I validate spoke tension within ±10% using a professional digital tensiometer and custom visualization software.

Measurements are fine but they don’t guarantee a solid wheel. In the wheelbuilding process I carefully eliminate spoke twist, stress relieve multiple times and cold set spoke paths as required. My methods use lubricants and thread treatments that have served countless customers with distinction. These strategies result in balanced wheels that stay true, resist fatigue and remain amenable to adjustments (plus better wheels are much easier to repair or compensate for damage).

My typical rate for wheelbuilding is $100 per wheel, which means wheelsets ship free. Hubs and rims are often supplied by the rider; used hubs in good condition are accepted but used rims are not. For those choosing to buy new components online, I welcome direct deliveries to my address. Turnaround varies by the season, from one week in January to four weeks in July.

If you have a build specification in mind for your next wheelset, please contact me.