Wheels sold with bikes are designed for the bell curve and meet the needs of casual users.  If you like to climb or sprint, the heavy rotational mass of OEM wheels can be your enemy.  If you’re a bruiser, the durability of these wheels may disappoint.  Mass-produced wheels are designed with economy in mind to meet target margins — the compromises built in may not be for you.

Why not roll on the ideal hubs, rims and spokes to match your riding style?  Do you need aerodynamic wheels, climbing wheels or training wheels that feel alive?  Carbon wheels for your carbon bike or bomber wheels for fully-loaded touring? Power meter, internally geared hub, dynamo, fixed gear, fatbike or other specialty wheel? Looking for something other than black or silver? A custom flavor to match your custom frame or curated choice of bike components?

Build your own

There’s great pleasure in building your own wheels and there’s no better training in wheel maintenance than starting from scratch. Anyone can turn a barrel adjuster — become a next level cyclist by riding wheels you built yourself. I promise it’s easier than you think and I’m happy to point you at effective learning resources. Get your spokes and nipples in the shop.

Commission a wheelset

I offer bespoke wheelbuilding to your specifications. See my wheelbuilding page for details.