05 Apr 2013

Wheelbuilding gone digital


It’s true that you don’t need a lot of equipment to work on wheels — you can eyeball alignment and feel tension with your hands or hear it with your ears. I don’t come from this school of thought. I reach for tools that reveal the world with precision senses can’t match.

In particular I use three digital tools in my process. First, I use a Park Tool truing stand with Mitutoyo digital gauges. The roller tip on the lateral truing gauge is made of teflon so your wheels won’t be scratched. Second, I use a Park dishing tool with a digital gauge attached so dish is known exactly. The next best alternative is using feeler gauges but digital is much faster. Last, and just recently, I’ve been using the Wheel Fanatyk tensiometer. The Wheel Fanatyk people have been a pleasure to deal with and I have updated my spoke tension utility to support their tool. Check it out!