19 Feb 2014

What tension is it


I’ve been tinkering with my spoke tension utility (again). Periodically I want to know the tension of a specific spoke rather than the average. Not too important but interesting all the same.

I experimented with different ways of presenting the data but couldn’t find a perfect solution. The version released today will display tension when you hover the mouse over a given spoke, which is good enough though it doesn’t work on touch devices yet. Even so it was more difficult than it sounds. I verified it works with recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Other miscellaneous changes were bundled with this update. It now works better on a range of displays including tablets and phones, and updates itself when you resize your browser or rotate your device. The visualize button is gone too. Now the graph updates automagically.

I welcome problem reports by email. Include screenshots if applicable.