Blog: Bearings

15 Oct 2017

Bearings on clearance


I currently have Enduro ABEC-3 bearings listed in the shop. They’re good bearings, found as an OEM component on terrific hubs. That said I’m turning the dial one step towards the premium end of the spectrum, which is a better fit for SpokeService customers. I need to make room — for the rest of the month use coupon code BEARING-BLOWOUT on checkout to save 25% on Enduro ABEC-3.

Hopefully bearing nerds will appreciate the title of this blog. 🙂

Campagnolo has always made nice hubs so I enjoyed overhauling and lacing these to Archetype rims. The rear hub needed help with pitted cones and sticky pawls but now it’s as good as new. The loose ball bearings were replaced on both hubs, which should be done as part of periodic maintenance. In the same way that regularly replacing your chain extends the life of cassettes and chainrings, replacing loose ball bearings saves your cups and cones. If you have nice hubs, take care of them and they will pay you back. Good hubs can last through several sets of rims — send yours in for renewal.