14 May 2014

Grant Petersen quote


I found this great quote in an interview with Grant Petersen:

…when you have your name on everything from apr├Ęs-bike sneakers to water bottles to clothing to bikes, tools, and accessories — and one in five bike shops sells most of it, then that’s not specialized in the dictionary definition any more. When you’re that big, you can’t afford to be. It would be like Safeway selling only organically grown food, or only vegan stuff, or only locally grown produce. If you’re small, you can be specialized, and in the bicycle market in 2007, that’s your only chance of surviving. You have to pick out something to sell, something to offer, that either can’t be copied by people who have more money than you do, or is just not appealing to them — maybe because they don’t see a market for it, or because the only way they could promote it would be to position it against their bread-and-butter, which they aren’t going to do… I’d pick something that was unattractive to big companies, and something that small companies who want to get big wouldn’t copy or pay attention to. I’d pick something that most people thought was dumb, or didn’t understand, and I’d sign in blood an oath to my family to never veer from that, to not be tempted by bigness or growth to do anything else.