Blog: June, 2015

11 Jun 2015

Wheelbuilding offline


Those who follow this blog know I recently moved to Victoria. The idea was to spend a couple years in transition and migrate to a more permanent situation but that plan is unfolding ahead of schedule. The building I rent is being sold and I’m moving on. That means a couple of things:


Effective immediately, SpokeService is no longer taking orders for custom wheelbuilds. It’s very important I meet all promised deadlines and the uncertainty surrounding relocation and construction in the new space means I can’t promise deliveries with confidence.

Spoke sales

On the other hand spoke sales will continue. Shipments will still be posted daily EXCEPT NOT BETWEEN TUESDAY JUNE 24 AND THURSDAY JUNE 26. Please continue shopping here for spokes and nipples. Stock is excellent for most sizes of round spokes and all nipple colors.