01 Jan 2023

For Islandix users


Some Islandix users also use the Spoke Tension Utility hosted here because it suits their older Wheel Fanatyk tensiometers. In the latest release of Islandix Wheel Analytics, it’s bundled onboard. This means you can make tension graphs even if your internet is down or if the SpokeService site is undergoing maintenance. The tool is named Tension Radar in the Islandix ecosystem.

The onboard edition fixes a couple bugs relative to the version offered here. It works with more tensiometers and custom tensio calibrations. It strips out many aspects of the SpokeService web site and strips the banner advertising on PDF artefacts. Overall a slightly sleeker, more business-oriented tool.

15 Apr 2021

Truing at the joint


If you true bicycle wheels using dial or digital indicators, you’ll know the joint area can be problematic on some rims. A little twist or bump can wreak havoc, sending your instrument to the moon if only for a moment. It’s possible to work around this problem.

Normally truing is oriented from the valve hole. Start at the valve hole and continue around the wheel until returning to the valve hole again. There’s nothing special about the valve other than being a signpost to indicate you’ve covered the whole wheel. Instead start at the joint. Begin scanning immediately after the joint and continue around the wheel until returning to the point immediately before the joint. This factors out hyperlocal distortion at the seam. If you need to make the joint more conspicious, apply a little piece of masking tape to establish your own signpost.

28 Mar 2021

Back in the saddle


We were able to navigate the supply drought, which resulted in this wheelset. Beautiful DT Swiss RR511 rims paired with Hope hubs. The rims impart a lot of stiffness due to their V-shaped profile and durability is maximised by using Sapim Force spokes.

30 Nov 2020

A bit less black


Here’s few shots of sweet wheelset built earlier this month. This theme of black hubs, black rims, silver spokes and silver nipples is a new trend. Historically I haven’t see a lot of it but lately it’s more popular.